Who Writes This Anyway?

So, who writes this anyway? 

Well, I wear many hats.  At various times throughout the day I am a mom, soul mate, wife, confidant, pal, listening ear, chauffeur, teacher, logistics expert, concierge, cook, maid and singer. 

I make guest appearances as a scientist, veterinarian, doctor, dentist, therapist and resident expert on, well, pretty much anything life can throw my way. 

I have seen a lot, been through more, and always managed to land feet first.  It has taken forty plus years to be comfortable in my own skin, but here I am!  I am living life in the moment because, well, the moment is really all I have.

So, here I am, Just Me, at the end of all the descriptive words, there’s Just Me, and I’m good with that.


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