I have entertained the idea of not only writing a blog, but actually allowing others to READ it, for some time.  I had a blog over at Blog Spot but became rather frustrated with it.  You couldn’t customize anything and, well, I’m a pretty creative kind of girl, so I felt limited, stymied, if you will.  It’s the same feeling I have on a frequent basis when I just need some air and feel myself closed in on every side by the hills and mountains I now call “home”.  So, as I pondered what I might name a blog, I began thinking about “home” and what “home” is and where it is, and, what does the word mean anyway?  Which led to many thoughts about feeling out-of-place.   I take all of the jokes about being a “Yankee”, and there are many,  in stride.  In the end, I am a Yankee.  And, in the end, I’m darn proud of it!

Life in East Tennessee is just, well, so vastly different from the Chicagoland area where I grew up.  I have lived in many cities over the past 40 years, each of them with their own unique quirks and personalities.  I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people along the way, eaten lots of good food, participated in the local festivities, visited many historical and local hot spots and acquainted myself with the social “norms” of each locale.  I have become accustomed to them, even had some of them endear themselves to me.  Yet, always, always, in the end, I’ll take the plains and fields, cities and interstates, climate and wind of Northern Illinois any day of the week.  It just feels “right” there, like home.

So, maybe this blog is my little piece of “home”.  A place for me to share my heritage, my culture, the filter through which I see the world.  I hope it will make you smile and laugh along the way.  Welcome!

I hope you enjoy The View From Here where you can subscribe to this blog.


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