This Moment

Here I am. Just me.

I’m tired. It’s a good tired. I did a bunch of yard work earlier. I’m in old jeans, my favorite, or rather, what used to be my favorite shirt. My son wore it and stretched the sleeves by shoving them up to his elbows. Lesson learned- don’t loan your son your team jersey.
I’ve got a chai latte and my blog. The cat is nearby purring and my favorite news show is on the TV. I must be old! Even as I type the words, “my favorite news show?!!”, my fingers catch. What has become of me?
I am on one end of the couch and my daughter is at the other. Our feet intertwine and I sense these days are nearing an end, so I cherish each one.

I am planning my meals for the week- Parmesean Chicken, Gnocchi, hot dogs (Wednesdays are quick meals), Red Beans and Rice, and, ummmmm, well, I’m sure I’ll think of something.

And that’s where I am on this Saturday. Just Me. Just here. Just hanging out.

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