My Love Affair With Film

My obsession with photography began in college when I enrolled in a photography class as my token “art” credit.  I was no good at drawing and no one trusted me with any other medium- for very good reasons- and, so, by default, Photography it was.

My professor spoke with SUCH a New Jersey accent that hearing and understanding became as much a part of the course as taking and developing the pictures.  We mixed chemicals, learned about f-stops and aperatures and different types of paper.  We completed our assignments, turned in our chemicals and collected our grades.  And that was that. 

Or so I thought. 

Pretty soon, I found myself investing in  my own 35mm (I had borrowed one for the class) and scoping out local photography stores for the coveted Agfa film.  I still LOVE Agfa when I use film.  Film, ah, film, remember those rolls?  Black and White, or Color, ah, yes.  Those were the days were they not?  While I frequently pine for the days of film, I really prefer the immediacy of digital.  The SD card does have its advantages.

I love photography because with it, I can be here:

Or Here:                                                       

  Or Even Here:

I can be looking at these:

Or any of these, no matter what season it is:


And I can recall all of my thoughts and emotions surrounding these mementos:




I can escape.  I can be in a happy place from the near or distant past if I have captured the moment in film.  I can rejuvenate and evaluate where I am and where I want to be.  I can appreciate the beauty of each moment and anticipate more to come.  And, that, is how I came to love photography.  A picture, to me, is worth so much more than a mere thousand words.  It is a million feelings.  It’s another of those things that makes me, “Just Me”.  I can look at my photos and know so much about me and who I am as well as who I will be in the years ahead.

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