Top Ten Dramas

Wow!  Life has a way of just happening all over the place and it has certainly been awhile since I stopped here.  However, I am only 25 days late starting my New Year’s resolution to write-often.  Hmm, maybe it should have been about procrastination?  Nah, I’ll save that for some other year.

So, from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop:

Here are my life’s Top Ten, well, sort of.  My ACTUAL top ten would be, well, maybe not so reader-friendly and some of them are far too personal to include in even an anonymous blog like this.  However, in no particular order, here is the portion of my life that made the “Top Ten” cut:

10.  In the second grade, I deliberately misspelled a word in the classroom Spelling Bee so that I did not have to get up in front of EVERYONE in the WHOLE SCHOOL and compete.  I actually did this same thing in the eighth grade.  In eighth grade, I really just wanted to see if I could make the top score in the preliminary competition/spelling test.  I did.




9.  I once suggested, okay, DARED my sister to eat an earthworm.  She did.  I have never lived that one down.  My story is that she made a personal decision-totally her choice.  That’s my story and I’ve stuck to it for over two decades.

8.  I almost died in childbirth the first time around.  Lots of blood loss, thousands of stitches (literally) and 9 months of recovery time, which obviously left me delusional since;

7.  There is a child number TWO?!?!?!?  and in that experience SHE almost died.  After a 14 day stint in the Neo-Natal Unit, well, I came to my senses and thus, we have only two children.

6.  I broke both of my wrists in the first grade.  I was, innocently enough, waiting, like a good girl, to have my turn at the jump rope when-BAM– out of nowhere I was knocked down by two boys running where they weren’t supposed to be.  UGH!  Yep, two broken bones in each arm,  right before Christmas!


5.  I almost drowned.  In a lake.  On a mission trip.  = Huge trauma which created the fact that I will NEVER take a cruise ANYWHEREever.  I understand that it is probably totally illogical to connect drowning to a cruise ship sinking, but umm, have you seen the news lately?!??  The Titanic isn’t alone people.  It COULD happen.   It did– just the other day.  I’m just sayin’.

4.  I never took less than 18 hours per semester, because, yes.  Yes, actually, I AM that much of an overachiever.  Oh!  AND, my GPA?  3.89 cumulative, thank you very much!


3.  I once bought a frozen pie crust, thawed it, and passed it off as my own at (Gasp) a church (Gasp!) function.  Oh, the Horror!!!

2.  I have talked/cried/distorted the truth in order to avoid not one, but TWO speeding tickets in my life.  I have never actually been given a ticket.

1.  I once stole a mini styrofoam ball from our local five and dime.  I was 6.  I hid it and played with it at night in my room.  I have NO idea what the big thrill was.  Go figure!  I eventually threw it away because I became convinced that I would go to jail if it was ever found.  Oh, the price, had I actually PAID for it?  A whole seven cents. 

And, there, in all it’s mundaneness, is my Top Ten.

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Dramas

  1. I love your top ten but I was truly scared by some! The speeding ticket think worked when I was younger and not within the Chicago city limits proper.

  2. I’ve totally done the speeding ticket acting. Works every time! 😀

    I hate cruise shops, too. I went on my first honeymoon to Bermuda on a ship, and we hit a tropical storm. I thought I was going to die, and will never ever set foot on one again.

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