I’m Back!

It has been a long time-too long!  I have been away dealing with life in general and doing some editing which requires all of my mental capacity focused on really mundane, ummm, boring, um, no, intense and interesting research done by cognitive psychologists who really ARE the geeks of the geeks.  So, alas, I’m done for the moment and now, my creative energy needs a place to “just be”.  So, I am picking up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop and her challenge du jour: 

22 Things I Have Never Done

I am 40+ years old and I have NEVER:

1.   Ridden on a motor cycle

2.  Been skinny-dipping

3.  Eaten octopus

4.  Been to Europe

5.  Smoked a cigarette

6.  Flunked a class

7.  Been to anything remotely NASCAR (nor do I intend to in the next 40+       years)

8.  Had a Bloody Mary

9.  Been Skydiving

10.  Put eye drops in my eye without a major anxiety episode 🙂

11.  Used a bow and arrow

12.  Worn a bikini in public

13.  Been on water skis

14.  Eaten oysters on the half-shell

15.  Taken Calculus

16.  Made a late mortgage payment

17.  Visited Washington state

18.  Made a purchase at Bass Pro Shops

19.  Ridden a roller coaster that turns upside down

20.  Dyed my hair

21.  Owned a guinea pig or anything else that could be mistaken for a rodent!

22.  Gambled

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