All I Really Need To Know, . . .

10 Lessons I Could Learn From My Children

10.  Make time for playtime– It never ceases to amaze me that despite any chaos or stress in their lives, they can find a way to “just let loose” and relax.  I can never seem to just “let it go”, and forget all my worries in favor of happier times.  I am driven to a fault and will just keep pushing ahead, plowing through whatever needs to be resolved.  Maybe a break would do me good?

9. Be Honest- I’m good at this one-I’m a yankee, remember?  No point beating around the bush.  Just come right out with it.  Reality and honesty are so much better than politically correct ramblings.

8. Don’t Limit yourself– I was confronted by my son the other day when he was explaining in vast, miniscule detail, the exact inner workings of a motor/gear thingie, he was allowed to tear up– um, investigate in science.  I simply stated that I was not any good at space relations/math, etc., and that I am proud of his interest in this area.  I was feeling really good about my opportunity to encourage him in his new-found career interest in nuclear physics.   (I’m not sure I even knew what that was when I was in middle school)  Come to think of it, I’m not sure I really know what that is now.  However, my pat on the back lasted only until he totally slammed me with, “Well, Mom, how would you know?  You never even tried.  Did you?  I mean, didn’t you just decide you weren’t any good at it without really trying?  You could have gotten a tutor ya know?”   I love middle school.

7.  Sometimes you should just dance.  My daughter has a medical condition that frequently leaves her in pain and limits her mobility.  However, she is the queen of silly dances and songs.  She is all “artsy” and “creative” and “girly” and I love it.  Even on her worst days, she seems to be able to find release in art.  Sometimes it’s in dance, other days just in merely creating something of value to her. 

6.   Ask lots of questions– While this is simply maddening on any given day, it IS a wonderful way to live.  Always discover.  Always try to figure out the answers to your questions.  Never assume.

5.  It’s ok to color outside of the lines– I don’t do this well.  I need a schedule and a plan-at all times-always-every day.  You get the picture?  One child shares my need for schedules.  The other one, well, she just goes with the flow.  She’s pretty flexible and adaptable that way.  Thus, she will not develop ulcers at 30.

4.  Laugh out loud– Neither of my kids is particularly shy.  Don’t know WHERE they got that from because I was horribly shy as a child.  However, they are most definitely NOT!  They don’t think twice about producing the deep,  loud, belly laugh that must certainly be a genetic trait because my whole family has it.  They don’t need an audience either.  Either one can be in another room watching a show or reading a book all on their own and you KNOW they just read something funny because there it is- the laugh.  The contagious one that make s me smile too-every time.

3.   Take a nap– We could all use this too.  When life gets tough, the day gets long, both of them have been known to “shut down” simply by closing their eyes and hoping to wake up to a new world, or at least refreshed to deal with the one they’re in.  We could all use some of that. 

2.  Play Fair– No one likes a cheater, in sports or in life.  No one gets ahead cheating.  I’d rather be able to look at myself in the mirror each day and not be ashamed of the person looking back at me.  If you can’t look yourself in the eye, no one else really matters.

1.  Live in The Here and Now– You have this moment and no others are guaranteed.  Deal with this moment.  More will follow.

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