Julia Child Meets Stouffer’s

My friend Christy writes at Cat Fur To Make Kitten Britches.  If you haven’t read her blog, you should check it out.  I read her blog for many reasons, not the least of which is her amazing recipe collection.  I too really like love to cook and don’t view this necessity as a chore so much as a stress reliever.  At least, not normally.  Except for this past week. 

Last week, my menu looked more like the vending machines on a college campus.  You know, the ones with the mystery sandwiches wrapped in plastic wrap and beautifully displayed for the taking.  Push the appropriate letter/number combination and they can be yours.  It has some protein or carbohydrate energy and, so what if  it’s stale?  What did you expect at $2.00?  Yeah, pretty sad.  However, on the down side of some pretty major setbacks and disappointments, the people at my house should be glad they got food at all.

So, my menu this last week? 

Monday- Tomato Pie- no nutritional value whatsoever!  Yummy, refreshing, calorie laden perfection.  It’s a Paula Deen recipe- need I say more?  Oh, and as an afterthought, I threw some ham steak in a skillet and browned it a bit so there was some protein. 

Tuesday- This was covered by my best friend!  Woohooooo!!!! Years ago, due to school/work/general chaos/exhaustion schedules, we decided that I would make dinner for both families on Monday night and she would make dinner on Tuesday night.  It is a beautiful thing.  Cooperation at it’s finest.  So, this week, the only meal that even remotely qualified as nutritionally complete would be this one.

Wednesday- dollar menu.  Enough said.

Thursday- leftovers. 

Friday- Papa Murphy’s

It’s been a lean week.  Sad,  pathetic really.

And, then, I login to see what’s going on over at Cat Fur, only to find  Strawberry-Champagne Soup with Lime Sorbet.  I am such a loser.  Wow!!!  This looked sooooooooo amazing, especially in comparison to the cold fry I was munching at the moment. Yep, just as soon as I pull myself up by my own bootstraps I am so trying this one.  It made me happy, like food does sometimes, just by being so pretty.  I love the strawberry and lime combination.  I had to chuckle though.  In the midst of my “muck” the thought that anything that required the use of an ice cream maker could be considered easy made me laugh.  Heck, this week, the mere thought of dragging the thing out made me cringe. 

About the time I was feeling a little better, along came Corn and Amaranth Griddlecakes with Spicy Black Beans which also sounds amazing!  If ONLY I knew what it was.  If only I had the energy to look it up.  It went on to give  a salad recipe for Quinoa Salad with Apples, Walnuts, Dried Cranberries and Gouda  Now, I HAVE heard of, and actually consumed Quinoa.  Mine came in the form of a stuffing for Cornish hens, which I have also cooked.  I totally agree that it would be such a good food to actually like.  However, like tofu, it has a lot of substance, a ton of protein, and, well, not so much to offer in the flavor department, which, I’m sure,  makes it a perfect match for apples and gouda. 

So, at the start of a new week, and the beginning of a new me, I really MUST find some new recipes.  Maybe I’ll post some of my own.  In any case, make sure you visit her blog and try some of hers for yourself!

2 thoughts on “Julia Child Meets Stouffer’s

  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for such a lovely little shout out on your blog! You are too sweet! You shouldn’t feel bad though about your week; believe me, I have plenty just like it! In fact tonight, we ate at a pizza buffet. Ugh. (So good, but so bad at the same time – you know what I mean!) Anyway, huge thanks to you for all your kind words and links to my site. May some gourmet cooking be in your future soon!

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