Simple Things

I admit to being “high maintenance” in many ways.  I MUST have my kitchen counters cleaned each night before I go to bed.  I must have my favorite coffee creamer.  I only wear MaryKay.  I have “my” scent at Bath and Bodyworks and I will NEVER run out of it.   I like a schedule-a predictable one.  I don’t do camping, for any reason, ever.  I don’t like to sweat. 

But there are so many simple, little things that give me pleasure.  Little things like:

Bazooka Bubble Gum

PaperMate Sharp Writer Pencils


Taking pictures

My kids laughing

The cat purring away in my arms

My red robe- fleece inside, quilted,  jersey knit outside

Sitting by the Lake, or ocean, or river, or stream- it’s the sound of the water




Brie- baked to a golden brown inside of crescent rolls or puff pastry

Dove Dark Chocolate Raspberry

A good glass of white merlot on occasion

Crunchy Cheetos

The smell of April Fresh Downy fabric softener

Silk pillow cases

A bubble bath

and, somewhere along the way, high maintenance melts into simplicity and the two melt together into Just Me.

Visit Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop ,where you can find inspiration for your own Simple Things.

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