Simple, Yet Elegant

I have this “thing” for pine cones-always have. 

 There were no pine trees where I grew up, so when we visited Tennessee, I was simply intrigued with these “wood flowers” as my Papaw explained them to me.  In my grandparent’s yard were at least four varieties of pine, each producing “flowers” ranging in size from tiny to large.  They came in shades of light brown with thin petals to dark brown, almost black, woody ones.  I had acquired quite the collection of “perfect” cones by the time I was in college.   However, on a trip to California, I encountered HUGE, gigantic cones; cones so large that I decorated them as Christmas trees and use them as topiaries of sorts.

Don’t be fooled!  Pinecones are NOT a seasonal decoration.  While they are seen as a Christmas staple, they are a year-round, always appropriate,  decorative staple.  You can always find one or two or ten around my house.  If you are unsure how to clean or prepare them you can find a very informative article  Right Here.

I have no idea what it is about pine cones that I find so addictive, I just know I LOVE them!  They are all unique.  They are fragile, yet strong, and pretty tough to break.  They can take a fall and escape relatively unharmed.  You can run over one, but you can’t really obliterate it unless you flat out burn it.  

Maybe it’s that I wish I was more that way- tough skinned and  not so easily ruffled.  I get over it relatively quickly, but harsh words, uncaring actions, always throw me for a loop.  I’m pretty good at closing up tight like a wet pine cone.  And, like a pine cone, it takes me a long time to open up again.  I’m really good at self-preservation like that.   And, that’s another thing that’s “Just Me”.

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